Welcome to Mini-Ruggers, the North East’s professional rugby coaching company for children aged 2-8 years old.

We welcome all new children, regardless of gender or experience. We want your child to enjoy their experience, we tailor our classes to make sure everyone benefits.

Why Choose Mini-Ruggers:

  • Mini-Ruggers is coached by a active, fully qualified RFU coach, who coaches with 2 local teams, including the Northumberland County team.
  • Mini-Ruggers is a unique coaching and development programme for children aged 2-8 years using the skills found in rugby to help develop a childʼs key motor skills.
  • At Mini-Ruggers, we specialise in coaching and developing children aged 2 years and upwards to improve their co-ordination, communication, and listening skills whilst also helping build confidence in their abilities.
  • Mini-Ruggers has been developed in conjunction with the regulations set by the English RFU. This means we have a passion to support our local community and enables every child to follow their dreams, have fun and fulfill their potential.
  • At Mini-Ruggers, parents are encouraged to engage in small training activities and games, their passion means they can continue anything their child learns at home away from class, meaning their child learns and picks up things quicker.