A day of Rugby, a day of celebration..

Oi, wake up from your drunken slumber, dreaming of men/women in green outfits after your heavy night celebrating St Paddy’s day…

That’s right, get your self down stairs, have a nice big cup of coffee and plonk your ass down and turn the TV on.

Because today


Ireland have every reason to try and smash England, but with our continued winning run now standing at 18-0 since the man Eddie Jones took over we are looking for the triple crown, back to back Grand slams and a world record for unbeaten run.

So England have everything to Win and Lose.

Pressure will play a massive part, but I’m expecting you to have all your fingers and toes crossed, because just like millions of fans across the world, we all will be and hope England go out and dominate the game like they did against Scotland last week.

After a few games of slow starts, nervous butt clenching moments, England upped the gears last week to push themselves and come out rightful winners with a massive 40 point win margin over the independent seeking neighbours.

So let’s hope that the Irish were just like you and me, are turning up a bit rough and from a heavy night of celebrating a Welsh patron (hmm thought they were Irish) and put up as much resistance as a fish out of water (preferably a small one).

So get your popcorn, your beer, your snacks and get comfy, because today we will see history being made.

Till next time, enjoy and remember if you want your little ones to learn about the exciting game of Rugby, head over to www.miniruggers.com/signup to find out more and get in touch.


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