An Anglo – Welsh Affair (Grounds for Divorce)

Today is the day in which England will face it’s toughest opposition (in my opinion) in the Six Nations tournament, where they will be facing their neighbour’s Wales in a grueling 80 minute heart pounding encounter in Cardiff at 16.50pm.

And where are you going to be, watching it hopefully, if not why are you even reading this, go hang your head in shame.

Alas I digress, you see this is seen by many as one of the greatest rivalries like New Zealand and Australia. Where two teams, who in their own rights have enough talent on their team sheet to be up their as the best, but yet in the last week struggled out of the starting blocks in the Six Nations opener.

We saw England last week ”struggle” to beat a defiant French team, and we saw even more bizarre a Wales team being ”beaten” by an Italian team at Half time to eventually come out of the blocks and win. But why has it taken them so long in a match to get going? is this going to be similar in this weeks game?

All I can say is watch, for I’m positive there will be millions around the world, glued to the TV looking to see the answer for themselves. Will the Welsh come out like the fierce dragons of myth, or will the English come out like the ”Bulldogs” the press have imaged them to be.

All I can say is this is two countries, who will go all out to try and win, they will give it there all. There will be blood spilt, there will be anger and tears it will be like an old married couple fighting for the bragging rights when settling a divorce, fighting for everything they believe they have the right too, the children, the house and even the money.

You see, on the front of everything, you see the fierce loyalty of the teams fans, but you don’t know much of the hatred each teams fans have for the others. This rivalry goes not back just to rugby but hundreds of years. The Welsh HATE the English and the English HATE the Welsh, end off.  The countries share borders, they share the pound even the Queen and one other very special thing, the game of RUGBY. And one thing I can guarantee you is the passion, the fierce rivalry and team (no) Country Spirit will be seen on the pitch in one of the most grueling and intense 80 minutes of rugby ever seen.

So whoever your supporting, whether its the Awesome, unbeaten run England, or the stuttering pansy girls called the Welsh (only joking) I hope you enjoy the game and remember, remember this is the 130th time it’s been England VS Wales, let’s enjoy it for another 130.

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