Bit of Kilt lifting and dropping the ball (Literally)

So yesterday was the opening to the 2017 RBS Six Nations WOOOOOOOO!!!

It’s been a major buzz with all the social media platform hype, everyone talking about England, will they win a second consecutive Six Nations title, would they be up for the challenge etc etc…

Well lets just firstly start by saying  FREEEEDDDOOOOMMM….

Wow what a result by what a result for Scotland, beating Ireland 27-22 during the opening match of this years Six Nations. A result that has shocked a lot of people expecting Ireland to dominate. A beautiful dummy from Stuart Hogg against Rob Kearney being the highlight with a lot of ridicule from the Scottish supporters after the match still on going. It almost reminds me of the scene in Braveheart where Mel Gibson and the other Scots lift their kilts, annoying the English and then kick their asses in battle. Well played is all I can say to Hogg, enjoy it while it lasts.

Now i’ll be honest, I was thinking and expecting England to have a bit of a breeze when it came to our match against France. A lot of talk in the papers  about how they wouldn’t have the energy to put up much of a challenge due to a number of reasons. All excuses in my opinion, but on the day they put up a fight that England had not bargained for, why? maybe over confidence or even believing in the hype our national press was placing upon the England team of ”14 – 0”, ”Eddie Jones will guide them to another victory” etc etc…

Overall though, England came out eventual winners in a ”scrappy” 19-16 win in which they honestly should have put quite a few more tries over their European rivals. With what seemed to be a lack of confidence, quite a few dropped balls and a lot of ”amateur” mistakes, it seemed the French did enough to put England of their free flowing and expansive game that we have come accustomed too under Eddie Jones. Is this something the other teams will be looking to use as a strategy against England or was it just a blip on the radar that will instill confidence??

The answer will be shown over the next few matches, let’s see what happens.

Till next time, keep singing SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT… and if you want your little one to learn how to dummy like Hogg, head over to for more info.


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