Six Nations 2017 incoming!!!

WOOOOHOOOO, so super excited this week, do  you know why???

Yeah that’s right, I’m so excited because this coming Saturday, 4th February 2017, the 2017 6 Nations Tournament kicks off and England are in action against France live on ITV at 16.50pm.

So that mean’s get the beers ready, get the snacks out, put the wife on a spa day and drop the kids of at your parents, because International rugby kicks off with Scotland vs Ireland on BBC at 14.25pm, followed by England’s match at mentioned above.

Now normally I am quite happy and will watch every England match of the 6 Nations, but this year I’m really HYPED, and that is because of one man, and one man only who has made such a major change, that man is…..

Eddie Jones..

Did you just really ask WHO??…

Ah ok just winding me up are you? I was going to say you have to be living in a hole in a third world country not to know who this man is.

He is the best thing that has happened to England since Jonny Wilkinson and his drop goal Vs Australia to win the 2003 World Cup trophy.

He has brought new energy to this team, a great belief not only in their own abilities, but you can see each and every player, not only plays for himself, but also his team mates. Grinding out yards, making thumping hard tackles, this is the England the public has come to expect from having a southern hemisphere coach at the helm, where they play the only type of rugby we should be seeing in an international team, called Total Rugby.

Now don’ t get me wrong, all the previous coach’s England have had, Lancaster, Johnson, Ashton and Robinson have all brought their thing to the team since Clive Woodwards 7 year reign, but none have been as influential and seen such a change in the way the team plays since Woodward.

They go into this tournament having an unbeaten run spanning 14 matches, 13 though under Eddie Jones in 2016 alone. What will we see? I honestly don’t know as in come a few new fresh faces into the team, players who have trained and played hard to get the attention of Eddie Jones. But one thing I can promise you though is England will have a lot of pressure on their shoulders due to their current run and being current 6 Nations Champions.

But all I can say is let the games begin and I hope to be celebrating this time next week with another blog about the goings on’s, the upcoming games and also a little bit of exciting news for Mini-Ruggers.

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