Falcons flying high

Here we are into the new New Year, 2017 is already passing us by and what a cold, wet, windy start it has been.

But there on the horizon is something, something moving fast, getting higher and higher, almost gliding gracefully up and up, what is it??

It’s the Newcastle Falcons

Let me explain…

As a lifelong fan, former player and just complete and utter Falcons RFC nut, it has been a hard few years, with the Falcons propping up the table, fighting relegation battle after battle, with a couple of wins a season from a highly talented team. But no, not this year, not the season of 2016-2017, the Falcons are flying higher than they have over the last few seasons, flying high up the table and enjoying the view on those below.

At this current moment they are 9th in the league, but this is a highlight for every Falcon fan as the club play with more heart and soul, there has been very few routings compared to previous seasons and we have enjoyed some BIG wins ourselves.  9th is a great achievement at this stage in the season but something I hope they build upon and look to the higher reaches of even 5th or 6th to end the season.

But the Falcons are not just flying high off the pitch, the Falcons are building on the fantastic support of local clubs and schools through the Falcons Community foundation that allows players and coaches alike help build the grass roots game in the local area. Local children are gaining from these encounters and camps on during school holidays to build the necessary skills to allow them to become the next pro players from the North East, which is paramount to the success of the local and grass roots game, building those foundations and letting them grow naturally. I am proud to say I know a lot of these coaches and have worked with some of them, they have a lot of passion about their job but more importantly the game, it becomes infectious and spreads like a disease, but a good one.

If you want your children to try out this great game, no matter their ability or previous experience, just click here to get in contact www.miniruggers.com/signup/ and we will be happy to oblige.

So till next time I say lets go Falcons, lets go……



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