Santa’s coming !!!

So just around the corner, less than a month and the big man is on his way. Santa is press ironing his outfit, making sure his list is up to date and making sure the reindeer are all up for a hard graft.

As you can most probably tell, Christmas is my favourite time of the year, except when your on holiday with your one and only, letting the waves crash against your body in some exotic country. But this time of year has something really special about it. The excitement of the children realising Santa is on his way, listening out with keen ears for the reindeer to land on the roof of their house, or is it because for us, we see and remember the magic in our own children. For me it’s the latter but I still get extremely excited to be able to spend the time with loved ones.

But with Rugby there is no off time, that’s correct, I will be playing over the winter months, training and coaching regardless like countless others, why ???

Because Practice makes perfect.

But with every little practice you start to pick up on things we were not aware of before, hands not being up as a target, holding the ball wrong, kicking the ball incorrectly. But this is a period for everyone to work on the little things and come the new year, kick of 2017 with energy and off course perfection.

So tell me, what are your imperfections, what did you achieve this year 2016, what are your New Year resolutions for 2017, what are you going to perfect for the New Year??

Watch out as next time, I’ll bare all and let everyone know what my achievements have been this year 2016 and what I am aiming for next year.


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