Inspiring future Olympians!!

So it’s been quite along time since we put words to screen and we have had a year of many ups and downs not just as a sport (early exit from home world cup) but as a country with the Olympics (and Brexit vote). Let me explain yeah?

After a dismal world cup in our own back yard, we as a nation were left bewildered over our national rugby. But then came some hope in the form on new head coach Eddie Jones and an unbelievable tour down under where we beat Australia 3-0.

This kicked started what would be an amazing Summer of sport with the Olympics around the corner. Already we have beaten out medal tally in Beijing 2008 and this has become the most successful Olympics abroad ever. But why is this such a big thing? Rugby 7’s was part of the Rio 2016 sports being introduced back into the fold since it was scrapped from the 1924 Olympics. The winners then were USA, but nearly 100 years later, in the Men’s final was Team GB and Fiji. This final was one of massive excitement here in England as only days earlier we had beaten the Argentinians only by a sudden death try after and grueling tough match. Team GB were out done by a country whose national sport is Rugby, which just goes to show that even the smallest countries can take the world by storm by becoming Olympic champions.

But why am I writing about this? Well its because of the coverage that it’s had in the media, not just the rugby 7’s success but people like Max Whitlock (Gymnast), Mo Farah and Usain Bolt have inspired thousands of people to take up sport again, whether its swimming, cycling or athletics, the world has gone crazy through people wanting to become future Olympians.

But there is one major flaw…

After the dust has settled and a few days turn in to a few weeks and then a couple of months, people quit what they took up. The millions become thousands, the thousands become a few hundred and then a few, people get bored and its wrong they shoul give up so quickly. This country and the world need to identify what stops people wanting to continue so come 4 years time people can live their dreams.

So lets agree on something, if your child(ren) want to become the future Marcus Watson (team GB rugby 7’s) or the future England Rugby Captain, I will help your child(ren) become what they want to achieve, together we will help develop and nurture our future sports stars. Book today for your child(ren)s free class to see first hand.


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