Watch out, the little teams are about…

Wow, what a start to the world cup, in the first 3 days of play there were 2 shocking results, lots of tears, and millions of drunk fans around the world.


Let me explaineth,
Firstly, Georgia,  heard of them?? not many people have except in the news about Russia and that Putin ”Bear Grylls” wannabe leader of theirs attacking them for oil. A team that normally gets beaten by the likes of a professional rugby union team Newcastle Falcons and normally gets overhauled by 30 or more points stood their ground and fought against Tonga,  a team who’s national sport is RUGBY.

Now your most probably thinking why is this a shock???? Quite simple..


Tonga are known as massive hitters in the world of rugby, massive high impact tackles, fast running play and great awareness about the sport they are raised to know from childhood, it’s in their DNA. It’s like mixing Spiderman with the Incredible Hulk, the speed and power is ferocious.



The reason they won may have been a fluke, I don’t doubt at all a replay would see Tonga trounce them, but they went into their tackles and overturned Tonga on more occasions than once and just basically played the basics better… So as we always say, don’t try beating them at their own game, just do the basics right and you should WIN, which is evident from Georgia’s tactics.

Now onto the the real shock..JAPAN beating the Springboks, South Africa.

That’s right, those manga loving, Saka drinking Japanese. The Cherry blossoms fashionably called. Now I have to admit, I have always admired the Japanese, their way of life, their way of playing rugby is hugely exciting and well we can’t forget their guts and determination (Pearl harbour, anyone remember). They went at South Africa with every ounce of willing, courage and bravado, that would make Jonny Bravo look jealous and came away with a well deserved and hard fought win. But more than anything it made everyone and I mean EVERYONE sit up and take notice of the little guy beating Goliath. Now today in two hours time they take on the Scottish, who for some unknown reason have had their 16th player banned (no not Dodi weir) their fans making loud noises with Bag pipes.

Now I’m not saying the Scottish with bag pipes will go all Braveheart on the Japanese (cue specific quote about freedom), but the ability it has on stirring up affection and pride inside one can make a massive impact. I believe the Japanese have enough in depth and heart alone to keep the Scottish at bay and today, we will see potentially another upset against a team who have beaten Ireland and Wales in recent years. So with all cheer and heart lets shout




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