Rugby World Cup Mania..

So today’s the day, no more waiting and tonight at 8PM (GMT) KICK OFF WOOHOOO


What am I talking about, well the Rugby World Cup of course, England VS Fiji…..


The excitement of the tournament will hopefully bring hysteria to the home nations, with more and more people taking part in the sport, supporting their home teams (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) and just in general following the craze of a World cup.

For me, not only will I be cheering on England, the 2003 World Champions but I’ll be very much intrigued by the lesser teams such as Romania, Georgia and not forgetting the highly entertaining USA and Japan.

Who’s gonna win, I think England are in for a shout but I really would love to see Argentina or one of the pacific Island teams make it through to the final as well (Fiji, Tonga or Samoa), making it a difference to previous World cup monopoly on teams such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England.

But here’s to all you budding fans out there, have a nice cold one, cheer on a team you enjoy watching and more importantly just have a lot of fun.



P.S  Keep an eye of for my Blogs throughout the World cup, with another due out later today…




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