18th September, 2015 20.00 hours……..



Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD only two and half hours now until the kick off to mark the start of the Rugby World cup 2015…. AHHHHHH excitement, it’s to much… WOOHHOOOOO.

So as you can tell I’m slightly  excited for the Rugby world cup, well lets be honest, completely over excited. For me this is the best of the best playing over a 4 week period that if I could, I’d sit and watch every minute of every game.

But let’s get tonight out of the way first shall we, with such a new squad going into this world cup, there’s pause for both excitement and teeth clenching moments, that I promise you. But one thing for sure, we will have some hugely attractive rugby being played tonight at Twickenham.

I cannot wait to see all those who normally bang on about football talking about how tough rugby players are, with the bone crunching high impact tackles and the skills that would leave both Christano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi  speechless.

So sit back, strap in and have the phone unplugged and the TV turned up loud to sing out proudly the National Anthem (no rugby fan is like Jeremy Corbyn, if so sod off) and Swing Low over and over so come Monday morning, you go into work with pride and hung over from the dizzying display of rugby from ENGLAND AND FIJI.


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