Learning from defeat..

So I don’t know if you watched England’s game on Saturday or not, if you did you would have seen a disastrous 65 minutes of play by England and be upset about how long it took for the team to gel


you might have been cheering for the French if your one of the ”other” international supporters…..


what I noticed about the game was just how important readiness and preparation for a game of this magnitude must take.

Let me explain for those of you who don’t fully understand –

You see they watch game footage and more game footage, looking at positional strength, technique in the scrum, defensive lines, attacking lines and plays, who’s deep, who’s not..

But with a team like France, it’s extremely hard for a team to be prepared. Their hard hitting centers and forwards just makes it harder and harder for preparation as each brings more than just experience in their own positions, but others as well.

England were not fully prepared, and to be honest, the pitch didn’t help at all especially in the scrums, but they were poor all over the park, especially in line outs and discipline.

But one thing we can be sure off is that England will take this in their stride, will it dent their confidence going into the Rugby World Cup? potentially but knowing the team, they will want to bounce back and use this defeat as a learning lesson not to be over confident over another team, including Fiji.

Let’s hope they are patient, and instead of working as individual’s, work as a team. Let’s hope they work on the discipline and keep their eyes on the ULTIMATE prize…




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