One person scores against a whole team……

So as may have guessed from the title, yes it’s true, there was someone this week who has made headlines not just in the news, but also on the WWW (world wide web)…

But believe it or not, it wasen’t some bulking 18st Samoan battering ram, or the fleet footed Bryan Habana, it was…




That’s right a 4 year old  child, in Australia, who was lost, ended up on the rugby field during a charity rugby league match.


Now why am I writing about this, well it was due to what happened next that blew my mind.


No body ran over and tried to force him off, they gave him the ball and ushered him to run forward with the ball. The opposition players pretended to try and tackle him just playing along, as if it was all part of the plan. But the thing that made me write about it, is just how amazing this story spread across global news and into the press, it shows that something amazing can generate interest and I wish rugby had more of this as it happens more than we all know.


But if you don’t understand what i’m talking about have a look for yourself, I guarantee you, you’ll end up say AWWW..


Enjoy and remember keep working hard, believe in your dreams and maybe one day you’ll be doing what that four year old did but professionally.




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