Rugby World Cup, Shock Horror

So with the Rugby World Cup now less than 36 days away there has been a lot of humming and head scratching going on in the International rugby team camps.

We have already had England drop the likes of Chris ”the  swan” Ashton who’s pace had been an integral part to the England line up for quite some time, but Wales have blown us all out of the water with their cuts already..

But WHY?

James Hook the British Lion has been dropped from Wales world cup squad,  but not just him also Mike Phillips and Richard Hibbard, all who have represented Wales and the British Lions.

What is Warren Gatland playing at, 3 of his most experienced players, who would have seen this as their last World cup potentially have been left to rot on the side without even being given the chance to fight harder for their space..


Now in my opinion it’s like bringing in Christiano Ronaldo for those football buffs out there and leaving him out of a important champions league campaign. You just don’t do it. The power in hooks kicking, his vision and the combined impact of the other two who link well between scrum half and forwards has been integral for the last few years.


Welsh fans will be intrigued to see where Gatland will go with the final 31 man squad, as it seems he looks to experienced and new players to fill the ranks for the world cup, and one thing I can see is a lot of angry fans with signs..


England on the other hand have released a few players who have been on the fringes for quite some time, but with the game against France this weekend, lets hope we have another win under the belt and gain some momentum going into the world cup.


Well till next time, lets wait and see how England fair against the new revived France and hope there will be a big win.



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