Changing a school curriculum.

Its August and another school year is closing in on us, have you been thinking what the year ahead holds for your children?

Well fear not, with the RWC2015 heading our way, there is change on the horizon for schools to be able to offer rugby at a curriculum level. YES THAT’S RIGHT, RUGBY.

The RFU has announced a legacy called All Schools, from the RWC2015 here in the UK, they are funding over 450 schools throughout the UK to offer Rugby to their students, who would not normally have the opportunity to par take in this amazing sport.

That’s thousands of children who would never have had the opportunity to, getting to play. You never know, we may end up finding the next Jonny Wilkinson or Tamara Taylor amongst them.

So as part of the legacy, the RFU last night raised over £500,000 towards its dream, the future of the sport.  And as we all know we at Mini-Ruggers, we love nothing more than helping the future stars of the game develop.

Well let’s help shall we???

As of this September, we will be offering a friend referral service. If you sign your child to a full term (2 half terms) and you introduce a friend who does the same we will give you £25 per friend to a max of 4.

So why are we doing this?

We believe your children will enjoy Mini-ruggers more with their friends. It will create an opportunity for these children to go back to their school if rugby is not offered and spread the excitement about the RWC and all that the sport has to offer.

So get on board now and sign up, email now or message us on facebook below this post to put your child’s name down for our new term starting 13th September 2015.




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