History is the making of the future.

As we approach the Rugby World Cup, there has been a buzz of excitement around the North East over the last week.


Because the Web Ellis trophy itself has been on tour around the region and thousands of people have been to see it at one of the many venues its appeared in.

But what is it about a shiny metal object that inspires us, brings thousand of people out to see it?

History and tradition…. write that down

You see, England won, that’s right WON the Rugby World Cup in 2003, then went to appear in the 2007 Rugby World cup final losing out too South Africa, but they have also appeared in the 1991 Rugby World cup final against Australia, where too they lost out.

So why is our history going to be our future?

Easy, with our current squad we have a vast array of talent in the likes of Mike Brown, Owen Farrell etc. Players who have grown up watching replays of the past World cups and have belief not only in themselves but also that of their team mates. They grew up singing the national anthem in their front rooms with the families as England legends of the past took to the hallowed turf of Twickenham and battled against all that invaded. They though sung in one voice throughout the years with these words…






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