Become a perfectionist.

We all have dreams, to strive to be the best we can be, am I right?

The interesting thing I have read, is we put so much pressure on ourselves to become the best, whether it’s at work, in our own business or even in a sport we enjoy, it can become our own downfall. It leads to burn out and eventual detachment of/in the things we are striving to be perfect at.

Now I know people bang on about being the perfectionist will make you better at everything and anything, but I agree that at the cost our own health, it is not worth it, especially if it’s a sport we love (biased opinion yes I know).

Johnny Wilkinson was a perfectionist, but did he suffer burn out and fatigue? Yes, and he admitted it had taken its toll on his body, it became weaker and thus he ended up becoming injured, especially after the Rugby World Cup in 2003 due to the immediate media coverage of his heroism. (insert victory celebrations)

”We have to allow ourselves flexibility, to allow a certain amount of failure. It will give us greater balance in our pursuits” says Dr Thomas Curran, a lecturer in sports psychology at Bath University.

There are ways in which we can pursue our ideal dreams and goals, and that’s balance. We have to allow ourselves time off to pursue other activities or do something away from our goals. It is not going to stop us achieving them any quicker and will give us the best chance of being refreshed and ready for when we get there.

Just like what we do at Mini-Ruggers, we train children once a week for one hour. We give them little stepping-stones, to achieve something each week and reward them. It makes them feel like they have achieved what is expected of them and keeps them interested and smiling.  And at the very end they receive not only an award but also a little party is held for them and a demonstration is put on to show the parents of how far they have come. if you have children that want to have fun contact us on 07984878687 to see how Mini-Ruggers can help your little rugby star.

So remember we can achieve anything and everything we set out to do, but we don’t have to do it day in day out to be the best.

Till next time..






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