Pre season and a touch of rain and shine.

So here we are into the second week of most clubs pre-season training. a grueling and painful experience from what I remember.


Because, for the last four weeks or so, people would have been indulging, relaxing, missing the gym and forgetting.

For me the pre-season was not only a period to see my mates again, but was a period of sheer brutality, lots of burpees, sprints and tire flipping for us to the point of us wanting to puke.

A lot of people are not fully aware of the sheer harshness of a full grueling pre-season calendar and I’m telling you now, your 6am morning gym sessions are nowhere near to what we had to go through. This was a programme to help us get fit, peak condition for the start of the season ready to be total warriors no matter the weather, rain or shine.

I will be honest, one of the hardest things I have ever had to do was hang up the towel on a professional career, It was something I dreaded at a young age and wish I could go back and advise myself to not do X and Y, but I would not have had the experiences I have had if I did.

The reason I’m saying this is now days, people quit on their targets in life and work far to easy. If i wanted to quit, I would have been kicked out, lost my contract, lost my earnings, my way of life. There was many a time I wanted to quit but dug deep and achieved it. Our minds are always the first thing to try to make us quit, but it’s our resolve and our heart that get’s us through and that’s the same in life and work. All ways play with your heart not your head, work with your heart and emotions and you will achieve great success.

We can be inspired by ourselves, what we hold dear. If you have dreams and ambitions, follow your heart. It will be the only thing in your life that won’t lie to you.



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