Summer holidays.

With the Summer fast approaching there’s always lots on parents minds. How do you keep your child busy?, do you go on holiday?, is there any local events on for the day?. But there is always one thing that limits what you the parent can do, and that’s cost.

In a time where we have just got out of recession, people are slowly getting new jobs after being redundant for a period of time, things are tight. Bills still need to be paid and food put on the table. I’ll be honest, when I was a child if I didn’t go on holiday, I kinda felt bummed out, but now being an adult you understand what it is that parents go through.

A lot of children this holidays will go on holiday for a week or two with their families, but what about the other 4-5 weeks of the Summer, what do you do?, do you allow them to go off to the local park, beach or even stay in their bedrooms and play on their computers, because quite simply it’s easier for you, the parent if you have multiple children, YES, maybe that’s easy.

But we have to be constantly aware of small things of cost I.E pocket-money, money for cinema, for pop corn, for ice cream. It’s a small fortune. But there is plenty of activities on during the summer which are put on for free and can give you an amazing family day out. There’s a range of great activities such as Hadrian’s Wall offer free access to most sites and normally have experience days with ”Roman soldiers”, also the local councils put on sports days and camps which yes may cost £5-£10 for a day, but if you have chores to do, and want your child to get more active is a great choice. You have the Science and Great North museum which is free, local castles such as Alnwick, Chillingham, Bamburgh are generally free. But there is so much going on try it out, and you’ll see that the summer flies by and you have great memories.

I am going to be creating a FREE ”What’s On” guide for parents in the NE that will be available soon. This will offer choices of day’s out that don’t cost or might have a minimal cost impact. It will give you the ability to be able to plan, work out a budget and more importantly instead of stressing ”what are you going to do today?”, you know what is available.

Any local companies, who have something great going on, please message email me with details on or call me on 07984878687. Let’s give our parents a choice that’s not going to break the bank.


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